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Well this is where it all began about eight years ago.  With the dream of working for ourselves and making our own products.  I always loved wonderful aroma's in my home but not understanding what dangers I could be bringing home to my family for the sake of fragrance.  I purchased a little fragrance warmer at the mall one day and brought it home and put a tealight in the bottom and the fragrance in a little clear bowl above.  It heated the wax melt up and began to smell my kitchen up right away.  I used this warmer for about three days and thought that I had found the most wonderful way to fragrance my home.  On the fourth day I lit my tealight and noticed that there was no fragrance left in the wax.  I began to pour it out and the heated wax made a huge mess on my kitchen counter.  I went back to the mall and found a store that had oils that use the same technique.  I went home poured the fragranced oil in the bowl and once again the fragrance began to happen all over my kitchen.  I began using this on a daily basis until one day I noticed that the bowl had cracked and the oil was leaking on my counter top.  I decided to do my homework on how to make a home fragrance that was safe and clean.  By clean I mean the oil fragrance that I was using was manufactured in China and we all know what that means.  Inferior products.  Not only was the fragrance made in China but so was the warmer that cracked. Again, inferior products.  I researched and found there are no warmers made in the USA by AMERICANS!  Well, yes you guessed it.  My husband and myself taught ourselves how to make pottery and ceramic warmers that are safe in mine and your homes.  We found out that in China the warmers were poured into molds, painted in the greenware state and fired only once.  It is like baking a cake on preheat,  looks done on the outside but raw on the inside.  That is way they crack under the heat of a tealight.  Now, also the oils that come from China are inferior they are made of chemicals that are toxic.  Why would we want to use something in our homes that is toxic.  Even the wax melts have petroleum that we are breathing.  I decided to find a safe alternative to wax or chemicals when trying to fragranace my home.  I have been makeing soap a long time and found that the same body safe fragrances that I use in my soap making process makes a safe and wonderful fragrance for my home.  My theory is if it isn't safe to be worn on the body or injested by the body I don't need it in my lungs.  

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